Made in Holland

Prestige Luxury Wide Plank


Exclusive wooden floors in their most original, natural form

Prestige Luxury Wide Plank is distinctive down to the finest detail. These exclusive wooden floors are created by combining carefully selected, top-quality woods and the pure craftsmanship of passionate artisans. The original surface makes Prestige Luxury Wide Plank unique. The original surface of the bark is retained as much as possible, resulting in wooden design floors in their most original, natural form. Their original surface means that Prestige Luxury Wide Plank wooden floors can be supplied in the most unique finishes. They come in a variety of heights, lengths of up to 3.9 m and widths of up to 48 cm. What’s more, the triple-layer externally bonded construction gives the large planks an extremely stable structure and is a unique aspect of Prestige Luxury Wide Plank.

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Sustainable wooden floors, made from natural products

Prestige Luxury Wide Plank is among the most exclusive wooden floors and stands out due to its sustainability. In addition to the FSC® certificate, our design floors also hold the Cradle to Cradle™ Bronze certificate. Cradle to Cradle™ Bronze represents the concept of ‘waste equals food’ and is the ultimate form of sustainable business. Prestige Luxury Wide Plank has been assessed on several aspects: sustainable water stewardship, use of renewable energy, social fairness, the composition of the materials and the possibility of reuse. Prestige Luxury Wide Plank has been rated as good on all five criteria. This puts us among the very select group of wood producers around the world that are able to carry this distinguished certificate.

The Cradle to Cradle™ Bronze certification is also reflected in the multiple different widths available in Prestige Luxury Wide Plank. By making planks of different widths from the round shape of the tree, it makes the best possible use of the precious raw materials. Additionally, the raw materials for the wooden design floors are fully reusable without losing their value.

Pure craftsmanship

Prestige Luxury Wide Plank is the result of pure craftsmanship. The durable bespoke product is produced using purpose-built machines. The overwhelming majority of the artisanal production process is done by hand. For example, Prestige Luxury Wide Plank is sanded, stained, oiled and dulled all by hand. In order to guarantee impeccable quality, each individual plank is inspected multiple times. An installation plan complete with a pattern of the wooden floor ensures a superb end product. These factors make Prestige Luxury Wide Plank proud to carry the Made in Holland designation.

Complete supply chain in-house

Prestige Luxury Wide Plank has the complete supply chain in-house. From sawing, bonding, profiling and the special drying process to the finishing by hand. This gives us exceptional flexibility to make unique products in specific sizes, colours and so on. As Prestige Luxury Wide Plank is always made to order, it is even more interesting to combine these wooden floors with other custom-made products such as staircases, tabletops, wall coverings and other wooden elements.

European oak wood from FSC® certified forests

The high-quality oak wood for Prestige Luxury Wide Plank comes from FSC® certified forests in Europe, where forestry has been managed based on sustainable principles for centuries. Sustainable forestry is socially acceptable and environmentally responsible. In addition to the flora and fauna in the forests, it also takes the soil and water management into consideration. Sustainable forestry also simultaneously means protecting and utilising the forest. During the photosynthesis process, trees absorb CO2 from the air. This means that not only do they clean the air of carbon dioxide, they also store that CO2 inside the wood for many decades. Periodically cutting down trees to use the wood actually prevents additional CO2 emissions. As such, sustainable forestry also makes room for the trees. This allows them to grow to their full potential, stay healthy and generate more oxygen.

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Are you a retailer, architect, distributor or project developer and curious to find out what the exclusive Prestige Luxury Wide Plank products could offer your project? If so, please feel free to contact us. Our Experience Centre in the Netherlands looks forward to hearing from you and providing inspiration, as well as allowing one of our advisors to inform you about the endless possibilities.